Debug level now only applies to what you want to see in the log. The log file will always contain « Full debug » information. Rewrote it 4 times actually tongue. Trailing backslashes are removed from paths in the settings. Bien ce logiciel mais j’ai un truc bizarre qui m’arrive. The settings dialog was still using 5 internally which would cause some memory to get accidentally overwritten, causing an AV when closing the settings dialog. Now downloads can be paused, resumed and stopped on demand.

Nom: wii backup manager 0.4.5 build 78 gratuit
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 60.79 MBytes

Loads of little changes to make it work how it should’ve. Allowing this would just be a waste of the user’s time because the first files would be overwritten by the duplicates. Any holes that should be sparse woi now correctly written. Quelques résultats n’ont pas été ajoutés au progrès et certains journaux ont été ajoutés à gratuiit reprises. Sometimes the cover downloads would only download to the cache instead of the configured folders. It should work better than ever now, with all characters displayed correctly.

Some of the controls weren’t resized with the settings dialog, causing long translated strings to be cut short.

Wii Backup Manager 0.4.5 Build 78 – Nouvelle révision de la part de fig2k4

Synopsis and controller info etc. Nouvelle possibilité pour les exports de « template » permettant une table multi colonnes. Merci de vous connecter pour poster un commentaire Envoyer. The database list wasn’t refreshed after changing the settings.


Wii Backup Manager v build 78

Wrote a file download class using WinInet. DiscIndexFromID function didn’t work with the file naming conventions, so buuild were allowed to be transferred to drives. I have compared the output with DiscEx and everything is identical. Application icon by NahuelDS. After you translate the strings, « Translation version » should equal « Strings version ».

Double click to edit entries instead of single click -Changed: Column data in the settings builc caused an AV on startup. Bug dans la fonction Fix partition qui ne fonctionnent pas au remappage de toutes les partitions dans SSBB. Both reading and writing were broken when the split was reached.

wii backup manager 0.4.5 build 78 gratuit

Links to the Wiki and GBAtemp forum in the help menu. When the WiiFlow config was selected, front covers weren’t downloaded to the cache For display when the full cover exists. The custom titles backu; was always saved to the app folder instead of the location in the settings.

wii backup manager 0.4.5 build 78 gratuit

The Labels in the about box and splash screen weren’t transparent in XP. Battle Islands – Conduit 2 – Call of Duty: Wrote a file download class using WinInet. More archive support using 7-zip dll.

Wii Backup Manager v0.4.5 build 78

Cracker une Wii avec puce Hacker une Wii sans puce. Les produits wii backup. IOS version shown on all the lists. Only valid FAT32 cluster sizes are shown in the format dialog.


New features for the export templates that allow creating a 00.4.5 column table. Full debug by default change it in « Debug level » menu on the log page Changed: You can now store the files in sub-folders or in a single WBFS folder. Problems with NPOT textures on systems that don’t support it. You can add gamecube ISOs on the files page, but transfers are broken so they’re not usable yet.

Wii Backup Manager v Build 78 : Logiciels PC pour Wii

Because I was working on new features, The cover display wasn’t working correctly in unreleased test builds. Trying to add a Wii ISO to the files list where the partition table was invalid bacjup cause the thread to terminate early. Attachment settings in the feedback form weren’t saved.

wii backup manager 0.4.5 build 78 gratuit

The buffer was too small, so now it’s dynamically allocated. Forced 64 bit math in a few other places too, as a precaution.